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Gary 1140 x 470I am a massive cruising fan, and so have a lot of resources, reviews, videos, audio podcasts and articles about cruises and cruising. I have been on almost 30 cruises, and have many more booked. I am also the author of The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook, Cruising with Cunard, Cruising with MSC Cruises, River Cruising Tips and others, run and host the 60 Second Cruise Tips Audio Podcast and also am a regular guest on various shows talking about cruising. The blog has been a finalist in numerous cruise awards including CLIA (Cruise Line Association) and has be named “best Cruise Blog” by Cruise International Magazine.

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Here is a selection of some of the cruise related articles I have written for Tips for Travellers. 

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Feature Pages by Cruise Line

I have a number (and growing) collection of feature pages on different cruise lines and ships. They curate all the videos, audio podcasts, images and articles I have done about the ships or cruise line. they include:

Ocean Cruse Lines:

  1. Crystal CruisesCroisiEurope Loire Princesse
  2. Cunard Cruise Line
  3. Fred Olsen Cruises and Fred Olsen Balmoral
  4. Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam, Westerdam
  5. MSC Cruises: MSC Divina, MSC Lirica, MSC Preziosa , MSC Armonia
  6. Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Getaway
  7. P&O Cruises: Arcadia, Aurora, Britannia
  8. Princess Cruises
  9. Royal Caribbean
  10. Seabourn Cruises: Seabourn Encore, Seabourn Sojourn
  11. Silversea Silver Whisper, Silver Muse
  12. Silversea Silver Explorer
  13. Windstar Star Breeze, Windstar Star Pride

River Cruise Lines:

  1. CroisiEurope Loire Princesse
  2. Emerald Waterways
  3. Titan MS Serenade 1
  4. Uniworld River Cruises: River Beatrice DanubeVenice & Gems of Northern Italy

Cruise Tips and Advice: Before You Go On A Cruise

  1. Why and when cruising is a better alternative to a land based vacation. The case for taking a cruise and when It will be better than taking a more traditional trip to destination on land.
  2. The main types and destinations for cruises. The main types of cruises, and the order that I think you should consider taking them in – and why!
  3. 11 common cruise mistakes to avoid. The things that most people get wrong or do not spend enough time on planning when going on a cruise.
  4. Top Four Tips For Choosing The Perfect Cruise. Four key things to focus on to ensure you find the perfect cruising experience for you.
  5. My 16 top tips for first time cruisers. Based on my experience, and from discussions with people new to cruising, I provide the 16 ultimate tips on choosing, making the most of and getting the best out of your first cruise.
  6. My 12 tips for choosing and making the most of a Transatlantic Crossing or Repositioning Cruise. I am a big fan of crossing the Atlantic by ship. These are the tips and learning from the many times I have taken that journey. A Crossing is the Ultimate Cruise Journey!
  7. Caribbean Cruising. First I have advice on What to Expect When Cruising the Caribbean, which provides a general overview and some advice. Then I have an article on the 6 Ultimate Tips for Anyone Cruising The Caribbean.
  8. Cruising the Mediterranean. Tips and advice on exploring Europe.
  9. Cruising the Norwegian Fjords: My Ultimate Tips. One of the most stunning areas of the world to cruise is the Norwegian Fjords, and this is my ultimate guide to ensure you get to see the best there is.
  10. Cruising with Disabilities. Tips and advice for travellers with special needs and wheelchair users.
  11. World and Extended Voyage planning tips and advice on how to get the most from the trip.
  12. 10 best ways to keep updated on all things cruising. My favourite cruise communities, podcasts, cruise magazines, cruise smartphone apps, travel fairs, cruise books, ship tours, cruise blogs and cruise agent.
  13. River Cruising Advice and Tips. The most asked questions answered – including who it is for, best cabin to chose and is it really quiet and sedate?

Cruise tips and advice: budgeting and saving money

  1. How to get the best fare for a cruise. These are my tips on ensuring that you pay the best price for a cruise, with a focus on getting the best overall cost – and not just the lowest “headline” fare.
  2. Budgeting for a cruise. The three key areas to focus on and what to watch out for and why.
  3. 18 ways to save money while on a cruise. My tips and tricks on how to save money without compromising having a great vacation when cruising.
  4. How to save money on shore excursions. In this article I explore all the options and help guide you to find the best excursions and save money at the same time.
  5. Cruise contract watch-outs and tips. You need to be aware of what you are agreeing to when you book and pay for a cruise. It could save you money and also ensure you are better protected and prepared.
  6. Solo Traveller Tips: How To Avoid Single-Occupancy Supplements. The best ways to reduce the cost when travelling alone.

Planning for your cruise once booked

  1. What to pack and what to leave at home. A packing list and advice.

Cruise Tips and Advice: On-Board and During The Cruise

  1. Considerations before deciding which and how many excursions to book on your cruise. Some tips and advice on things to ask yourself before you make bookings and incur costs
  2. Dealing with seasickness – tips and advice
  3. Norovirus. Keeping Norovirus at bay, and Cruising with a Norovirus out-break on-board – what it is like.
  4. What are the Friends of Dorothy and Friends of Bill meetings on-board – and should you be going? They appear on many cruise ship daily programs. To ensure you do not make a mistake and end up at something that is not for you this article looks at the history of them – and what they are. (Dorothy is for gay passengers, and Bill for members of the AA).
  5. Importance of community in cruising. Cruise Critic meet-ups on board.
  6. Cunard Behind-the-Scenes Tour Review and Photos. This costs at least $120 and at most 20 people can go per excursion run on sea days. What will you see, and is it worth doing?
  7. The history of afternoon tea – on land and at sea. This article explores the very English tradition of afternoon tea on land, and how the cruise industry – and Cunard in particular – has taken on the tradition.
  8. What will a cruise ship butler do for you? 10 things you should expect based on an interview with Thierry Fnu, the Head Butler on MSC Preziosa
  9. Are low wages and poor conditions for cruise crew funding lower fares for passengers, and something cruise passengers need to be more aware of? This article explores the topic on wages and conditions on-board, and explores the debate from both sides.
  10. Shopping in the Caribbean while on a cruise: Shopping in the Caribbean – Observations and Impressions and My Top Tips for Shopping Duty Free and Tax Free in the Caribbean while cruising

River Cruising

General Cruise Articles

  1. The future of cruising. The view of Cruise Line CEOs versus Travellers. My thoughts on what travellers want in the future – versus what I heard cruise CEOs think the future is.
  2. What is the future of cruising? A look at factors and issuing facing cruising and its growth.


Clumps of photographers snapped away as MSC Divina sailed past before turning around to dock on the bank opposite

Cruise Tips and Advice: Cruising with Cunard

For all my articles, videos and audio podcasts about Cruising with Cunard visit

  1. 10 historic events that helped to define the iconic Cunard  Cruise Line and all it stands for. This is stunning and long surviving cruise line dates back to the 19th Century. These are 10 events that have marked the remarkable history of the line.
  2. Cunard and the history of transatlantic crossings. The line was a pioneer in creating scheduled transatlantic crossings, and is the only cruise line that still has a scheduled service. This article explores that history.
  3. Is Cunard retaining its distinctiveness now that it is owned by the massive Carnival Cruise Conglomerate? Many feel that Cunard is changing, this article explores if this is more to do with cruise passenger trends and demands – or due to being “Americanised” and “Carnival-ised.
  4. Cunard Cruise Line History: how design and decor have been used to differentiate Cunard. A look at 3 aspects of design and decor that set Cunard aside from other cruise lines – some dating back to the very first ships!
  5. Highs & Lows of Cruising on Cunard Queen Mary 2. 3 highlights and 3 lowlights based on spending 3 weeks on-board the QM2
  6. Cunard Transatlantic Crossing on Queen Mary 2: a day-by-day journal of what it is like to be on a crossing from New York to Southampton.
  7. Cunard 7 Nights Norwegian Fjords Cruise. Day-by-day journal and review, including all the port reviews.
  8. Queen Mary 2 World Voyage. Observations, insights, tips and advice. A 6-part audio series recorded live on board.

Transatlantic Crossing on Cunard Queen Mary 2

  1. Food Glorious Food: Guide to 24 Hours of Eating
  2. Profile of Passengers on a Crossing
  3. Power of the Atlantic
  4. Cunard Insights Program Observations

Cruise Tips and Advice: Cruising with MSC Cruises

For all my articles, videos and audio podcasts about cruising with MSC Cruises visit:

  1. Review and video tour of MSC Cruise ship: MSC Preziosa. Video tour and my review of the ship and features.
  2. MSC Cruises Yacht Club “ship-within-a-ship” premium cruise experience. Video tour and review.
  3. MSC Preziosa Balcony Cabin tour and review.
  4. MSC Cruises asked me 8 questions about what it is like cruising with them. Read my answers and thoughts.
  5. Interview with Captain Bossi of MSC Cruises. Insights into the role of the Captain, the most asked passenger questions and the best ports in the world to visit.
  6. Building a cruise ship. Insights on the process through an interview with the person responsible for doing just that!

Cruise Tips and Advice: Cruising with Silversea Cruises

Tips for Travellers Silversea

Visit the Tips for Travellers Sliversea Cruise Feature Page for all the articles, videos and audio podcasts about this luxury line.

  1. Silversea Silver Presentation Tickets Box – making arrival of tickets an event.
  2. First impressions of going on a “small ship” cruise – what did I think versus big ships?
  3. Silversea Silver Whisper #foodporn – my photos and review of the food on-board.
  4. Silver Whisper “Hot Rocks” dining by the pool – the meat cooks on your plate…
  5. Silver Whisper Executive Chef shares food secrets on the kitchen galley tour!
  6. For The Love of A Good Cup Of Illy Coffee – and other premium brands on-board.
  7. Silver Whisper Verandah Suite Video Tour and Review.
  8. Silver Whisper Premium Suites (Grand Suite and Medallion Suite) Video Tours & Reviews.
  9. Letting the Artists of Silversea do what they can do best – entertain. A Review.
  10. My lasting impressions and tips for travellers about Silversea Small Ship Cruising.
  11. Free “Tips for Travellers on Silversea” eBook.
  12. Silversea Silver Whisper Ship Video Tour.
Norwegian Getaway Cruise Ship's stunning Chandelier

Norwegian Getaway Cruise Ship’s stunning Chandelier

Cruise Tips and Advice: Norwegian Epic

  1. Tips for Travellers Norwegian Epic Resource Page
  2. 4 things you need to know if you are considering cruising on Norwegian Epic. And why.
  3. 11 essential tips on getting the most from cruising on Norwegian Epic
  4. Freestyle Cruising – my video tour of the ship and the cruise experience, facilities and accommodation

Cruise Tips and Advice: Norwegian Getaway

  1. Tips for Travellers Norwegian Getaway Resource Page
  2. Norwegian Getaway Observations and Review
  3. Stunning Cakes on board Norwegian Getaway
  4. Ten Images that define the style of the Norwegian Getaway

Cruise Tips and Advice: Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam

Visit my dedicated resource page about cruising on Holland America

  1. 11 essential tips for getting the most out of a cruise on Holland America
  2. Behind-the-scenes of the culinary experience on the Nieuw Amsterdam
  3. Insider tips about Holland America from the Hotel Director
  4. The fascinating story behind the crew on Holland America
  5. Review and video tour of the Nieuw Amsterdam
  6. Review and video tour of a verandah suite on the Nieuw Amsterdam
  7. How Holland America got me to fall in love with towel animal creations
  8. On location: Mediterranean Barbeque on Nieuw Amsterdam

Cruise Tips and Advice: Swan Hellenic Cruises

  1. Video tour and review of Swan Hellenic flagship SS Minerva. I take you all around the interior and exterior of the ship, including  most of the cabin types, and give you a full review of who the cruise line is best suited for.
  2. Listen to the podcast about Swan Hellenic, including an interview with Victoria Kennedy (Head of Hotel Operations) with advice, tips and observations

Cruise Tips and Advice: Seabourn

  1. Video tour and review of Seabourn Cruise’s Seabourn Sojourn. I explore the ship, give my observations, advice and tips about travelling withe Seabourn.
  2. Listen to the podcast about Seabourn, including interviews with the Destination Service Manager and the Food and Beverage Service Manger for more insights and tips.

Cruise Tips and Advice: Ship Reviews

  1. Celebrity Eclipse
  2. Celebrity Silhouette
  3. Cunard Queen Mary 2 Penthouse Suite.
  4. Cunard Queen Elizabeth.
  5. Cunard Queen Victoria
  6. Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 (2004 review before the ship was retired). My video tour inside the QE2.
  7. P&O Arcadia
  8. P&O Aurora

Guest posts I have written or shows I have appeared on about cruising

  1. Daily Mail Travel: Tips for cruising by a cruise fanatic
  2. When a cruise is a better option than a land-based holiday
  3. Cunard Queen Mary 2 Queens Grill versus MSC Preziosa Yacht Club
  4. 25 tips for planning your first cruise
  5. VoiceAmerica “Cruise Views” radio show: On Board entertainment

Cruise Audio Podcasts

  1. First time cruise tips
  2. Caribbean cruise tips: Part 1 and Part 2
  3. Norwegian Fjords cruise tips
  4. Transatlantic crossing: On-board experience Part 1 and On-board experience part 2
  5. Cruise Ship Jobs Behind the scenes interviews: Entertainment Directors; Hotel Manager & Executive Chef; Social Host & Gentleman Host
  6. Seabourn Small Ship Luxury Cruising. Impressions about this small ship line which is owned by Carnival.
  7. Silversea all-inclusive luxury cruising. What makes Silversea so different and special?
  8. Swan Hellenic Minerva. I explore what makes the line different, and who it is best suited for.
  9. Holland America Hotel Director: What makes Holland America different and special?
  10. Top Tips and Tricks for cruising on Holland America Line
  11. Tips for getting the most our of cruising on the Norwegian Getaway
  12. MSC Divina cruising the Caribbean. Part One: Insider Tips and Interviews and Part Two: My Top Tips

Cruise Videos and Tours

Ten Most-viewed Cruise Videos since January 2012. Figures in brackets are views on YouTube at 1 June 2014)

  1. MSC Preziosa Ship Tour (49,200)
  2. Queen Mary 2 Ship Tour (42,800)
  3. Queen Elizabeth Interior Ship Tour (35,000)
  4. MSC Preziosa Balcony Cabin (27,400)
  5. MSC Divina Ship Tour (21,400)
  6. Queen Mary 2 Q6 Suite (16,600)
  7. Norwegian Epic Ship Tour (16,500)
  8. Queen Elizabeth Exterior Decks Ship Tour (14.300)
  9. Silversea Silver Whisper Ship Tour (11.200)
  10. Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam Ship Tour (10,100)



Various cruise lines ship video tours and reviews:

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