10 things everyone ought to know about Ocean versus River Cruising!

Find out the 10 things everyone should know about Ocean Versus River Cruises. In this 12-minute video I discuss the 10 most important differences between ocean and river cruising. The things you need to know to help you decide which is better for your vacation. Not all are obvious as I explore topics including size, cabins, destinations, docking, excursions, dining, entertainment, fares, seasickness, dress codes and packing – and flexibility.

Watch the Ocean versus River Cruising video here now:


Watch on YouTube at https://youtu.be/sC7eengbDI8

In the video I share and discuss in detail the following topics:

  1. Size.
  2. Cabins.
  3. Destinations.
  4. Docking.
  5. Excursions.
  6. Dining.
  7. Entertainment.
  8. Dress codes.
  9. Fare inclusions.
  10. Seasickness.

As well as discussing the issue of flexibility.

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