Top Cruise Vloggers

Here are all the cruise vlogger channels on YouTube that I am aware of. 

If you are looking for cruise content and cruising vlogging channels to follow this, I hope, will be a helpful list to start with. I recommend checking out the (current) “smaller channels” as many of these have very passionate communities, and will really appreciate your support, feedback and encouragement – and so you can be with them on their journey as they build into the big cruise channels of tomorrow.

The channels are shown below ranked by subscribers as displayed on their YouTube page, but you can sort them alphabetically, by country, all time views (which is based on the data from SocialBlade).

If there are any channels missing from this list please email me with their name and ideally link to the channel. You will find link to “email me” in the right-hand bar next to this page.

Tips For TravellersUK21600078100000

Don's Family VacationsCanada13300049800000
La Lido LocaUSA12300029700000
Cruise With Ben & DavidUK11900021400000
Royal Caribbean BlogUSA10700024200000
EECC TravelsUSA8900016200000
Emma CruisesUK8280011800000
The ShiplifeUSA770009450000
Schiffstester Matthias MorrGermany7480042500000
Travelling With BruceCanada6360017900000
Harr TravelUSA6170014700000
Cruise PassionItaly5600021200000
Cruise FeverUSA5420021000000
Very Unofficial Travel ChannelGermany4890013800000
Chris Wong VlogsUK475002710000
Griff & AlyssaUSA444005130000
Popular CruisingUSA4250015300000
Sea CruisersUSA4220020300000
Cruise RadioUSA411007560000
Talking CruiseUSA4100012900000
Sharon At Sea TravelUSA383006650000
Jordan BauthUSA368003280000
Mr TravelerUSA320006770000
AK AdventuresUSA319002660000
Alanna ZinganoUSA289008180000
Cruise With JoshUSA240005750000

Chris FrameAustralia235007380000
Solent ShipsUK2320018200000
Visit With UsUK213003230000
Same Ship Different DayUK201001400000
Cruise With AkshayIndia194001390000
Life Well CruisedCanada191001620000
Sean & StefUSA185003320000
Jackson Clavier ProductionsUSA1840016700000
Affluent JourneysUSA171005290000
JJ CruiseUSA169001080000
Cruising With WheelsUSA130003390000
Scott Singer CruisesUSA106002790000
Cruising As CrewUK9190631000
Cruise CriticUSA91705140000
I Like Cruise ShipsAustralia84302220000
Hoffman Happy TravelsUSA74801370000
Andy and KirstieUK68102180000
In The Loop TravelUSA68003880000
The Travel ScoutsUSA6370350000
The Ship ShowUSA6180522000
Travel SpreeUSA6140242000
Cruise Ship Weather ManUSA60402350000
Cruise MonkeysUK59601050000
Cruise Ship ProfilesUK58401910000
The Cruise WorldUSA5760399000
Nautical Nurse NancyUSA5250556000
Paul And Carole Love To TravelUK50401280000
Dream Blog Cruise MagazineItaly46603500000
Travel Blog JamieUK39901460000
Cruise Control With Bill PanoffUSA3660353000
Island TimeUSA3300181000
Oakland TravelUSA313086,000
Cruise CapitalUK29901690000
Ocean Time Australia2690703000
The Cruise And Travel GuyAustralia2650342000
Cruising With MatthewUK2470234000
Cruise Show UKUK2270135000
Addy And TerryUSA201069300
Cruising PeteUK1840307000
High Seas CruisingUSA1830230000
Cruise HabitUSA1660137000
Cruising With JTUSA1270152000
Dario Cremona - Cruise ExperienceSwitzerland109058700
Guga And RobUSA105012400
Innocents AbroadUSA87287100
Cruise With AmberUK62665100
Journey With JoshUSA594153000
Coast To CoastersUK42638900
Cruise LifestyleUK373112000
Marina and Joe Go CruisingUK33150300
Sunny TravelsUSA20251200
Cruise With MattUSA12713700
Cruise HiveUSA76,000
Get Ship Info And MoreUSA463000
Cruise MummyUK5,900



  1. Subscribers is from each page’s number shown on YouTube
  2. All-time views are from SocialBlade. Where no numbers are shown this is as SocialBlade shows no data.