Top Cruise Vloggers

Top Cruise Vloggers on YouTube

If you are looking for cruise content and the best cruise vlogging channels, then you’re in the right place!

Listed below are the Top 50 Cruise Vloggers on YouTube, ranked based on subscribers along with their all-time video views. There are currently over 200 cruise-focused vlogger channels that I am aware of and tracking. You can see them and find a clickable link to each in this downloadable 200 YouTube Cruise Vlog channels PDF.

In there, you will also find many smaller and up-and-coming channels to explore and follow, which I encourage you to do. If any channels you like are missing that have at least 80% of their videos cruise focused, then please leave a comment on this post and I’ll be sure to add them at the next update.

The chart below was updated on 6 February 2023, and the next update will be in around four months-time.

I wanted to highlight the top 5 ‘top cruise vloggers’ as each is engaging, different from the next and their videos are packed full of useful cruise information.

Tips for Travellers

My own Tips for Travellers channel already offers more than 1,000 videos packed full of tips, advice, and updates to make it fun and easy to discover, plan and enjoy incredible cruise vacations.

I add a new video every week and run weekly live cruise question and answer sessions where you can ask anything about cruising you want to know about.

Royal Caribbean Blog

This channel is your ultimate guide to all things Royal Caribbean cruising! You can use the featured videos to help plan your trip, to stay updated as things change around the fleet, and so much more. There are dozens upon dozens of videos that cover everything you would ever need or want to know about Royal Caribbean.

La Lida Loca

Tony, along with his wife Jenny make up La Lido Loca. They are self-confessed cruise addicts and love to capture and share their experiences with their viewers. You name it, they cover it and feature interesting videos from sailings aboard some of the world’s biggest cruise lines, including Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Holland America Line.

Emma Cruises

Emma started her website in 2016 and then a YouTube channel a year later. The aim of both is to dispel common cruising misconceptions and to show potential cruisers that there is a cruise line to suit everybody. Her channel covers everything you’d expect, and she has a big focus on budget cruising.

The Ship Life

The Ship Life offers a fascinating collection of content ranging from drinks package mistakes to what life is really like working onboard a cruise ship. It’s a fun and engaging channel, run by an ex-cruise ship employee and one definitely worth adding to your favourites list.

Top Cruise Vloggers

1Tips For TravellersUK351000119000000
2Royal Caribbean BlogUSA22000057000000
3La Lido LocaUSA21000065000000
4Emma CruisesUK20800042800000
5The ShiplifeUSA17770023200000
6Cruise With Ben & DavidUK17500034800000
7Don's Family VacationsCanada17300073300000
8Life Well CruisedCanada13100017600000
9EECC TravelsUSA12500024900000
11Harr TravelUSA10200030100000
12Cruise PassionItaly9010039900000
13Schiffstester Matthias MorrGermany8920052400000
14A Rich And Jazzy LifeUSA7870020600000
15Chris Wong VlogsUK726005400000
16Griff & AlyssaUSA6700010100000
18Destinations With Sal & Debi PiteraUSA6340010200000
19Travelling With BruceCanada6240018300000
20Cruise FeverUSA6100025700000
21Cruise RadioUSA5940015900000
23Very Unofficial Travel ChannelGermany5700016400000
24Jordan BauthUSA568007360000
25Cruise DailyUSA5500013800000
28AK AdventuresUSA543005150000
27Talking CruiseUSA5250017200000
30Popular CruisingUSA4560016500000
31Sharon At Sea TravelUSA444008480000
32Cruising As CrewUK439005650000
33Sea CruisersUSA4330021400000
34Cruise With AkshayIndia380003250000
35Visit With UsUK361006120000
36Alanna ZinganoUSA3470010700000
37Mr TravelerUSA337007440000
38JJ CruiseUSA333003840000
39The Travel ScoutsUSA316002950000
40Solent ShipsUK288002360000
41Cruise With JoshUSA2750028700
42Chris FrameAustralia258008450000
43Sean & StefUSA243004070000
44Same Ship Different DayUK223001710000
45Jackson Clavier ProductionsUSA1880016900000
Travel SpreeUSA187002340000
47Affluent JourneysUSA185005930000
48Hoffman Happy TravelsUSA185004580000
49Life With FavorUSA182004340000
50Water WorldUSA178004120000


To see the full list of 200+ cruise vlog channels ranked by subscribers – with clickable links to each – click on the image below or here


  1. Subscribers is from each page’s number shown on YouTube
  2. All time views from Sociablade