London Heathrow Terminal 2: The pits…

Heathrow is a tip. Terminal 2 represents some of the worst things about Heathrow that there is.

I had the misfortune to have to travel through ti again recently

If you are not a business class passenger and so able to escape to a lounge, it is over busy, cluttered with too many people and very noisy as there are just too many people packed it. It is very stressful just sitting have an (expensive) coffee.

The terminal is due to be demolished at some point along with Terminal 1 to create a new one, but that is not going to be in place even before the London 2012 Olympics.

The sale of BAA to Spanish Ferovial was not a help. Burdened by debt all they are obsessed with is putting more people through and having more shops for them to spend money in.

The phot used here is from Flickr and to see the person who tyook it and their other photos, click on ther name

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