British Airways: Handling the knock-on effects for delayed passengers

I flew to Moscow on BA, and my flight was cancelled on the way back due to the crash landing of the BA flight at Heathrow. The way that British Airways handled it was though as good.

It again showed how helpful BA customer service can be. Something I have written about before on the blog, and how they do look after card holders and regular fliers better than other airline (like Virgin for example).

It also shows why it is a good tip to use the site to manage your booking to chose seats, check-in and to add in contact details. This is something that I always do, and also avidly select good seats!

As I had entered my mobile via the site, I was called by BA while on my way to the airport to say the flight had been cancelled so there was no need to come to the airport, and they could get me on a flight the next day and could they confirm that for me. They also said there was no other direct airline they could get me on before then.

This is service. I think the tip is to use the site to manage your booking – and make it easy for them to be good at managing customers.

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Gary Bembridge

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