Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Hotel, Moscow (review, video & photos)

The Swissotel Krasnye Holmy in Moscow is fantastic. The rooms are fantastic, but so largely speaking is the price. My room was around $300 a night.

I spent 4 nights there, although I was only due to be there for 3 but the BA crash landing at London Heathrow meant I stayed another night. That was actually a sort of test for what I thought of the hotel for, although I was disappointed not to be going home, I did think that at least it was another night is a lovely hotel.

I was staying in an Executive Room on the 18th floor (room 1803). The hotel was 33 floors, with a fantastically trendy bar on that floor that circles the hotel tower. The views are great from both my room and the bar.

I knew as soon as I arrived in the lobby the hotel would be good. The greetings were warm and the style, design and artworks were all stunning. Even the lift looked so good, with a TV playing BBC World News, that I felt I needed to take a photo.

When I walked into my room I did go “wow” audibly. The room is large, with a long wide passageway with wooden panel cupboards which also houses a Nespresso machine. Then on the other side is a gigantic and beautiful bathroom with stylish fixtures and very large all glass shower. The bathroom was a real treat.

The bedroom has a large, and comfortable, king size bed with high quality linen. It was a bed you did not want to get out of in the morning! A good desk to work at and the TV had loads of channels from all over Europe.As a new hotel there were funky gadgets and controls for lights etc.But things were expensive. Drinks were especially costly. Internet access was very high.As I was in an executive room, I could use the lounge on the 19th floor which had a great breakfast with everything from fruit to hot food. In the evenings they served drinks and snacks, which were enough to have as a meal if you were only moderately hungry. There are some places to eat, but I only tried the Cafe on the 3rd floor which was good (with an amazing dessert buffet) but costly.

On the 3rd floor is the spa/fitness centre. Considering the size of the hotel the gym seemed small. But the few time I went it was not busy even at the traditional peak times for hotel gyms and so maybe it is just well thought through. There were a few running machines, bikes and cross trainers and then a good selection of weight machines and free weights. There is a pool, but that was being renovated while I was there.

The hotel is well located for the major tourist attraction of Red Square and also the nearby trendy (and expensive) restaurants like GQ. When I first got to the hotel I thought it seemed to be out of the way, but quickly realised it was very well positioned.I liked it a lot as you can tell.

Watch the video of my room (1903): Click here or watch below

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