Radisson SAS Hotel Boulogne Paris (review, photos, video)

The trip did not start that well, as I had to hang around and wait for my room to be ready for over 3 hours, with conflicting stories from reception during that time. Basically I think the hotel had been very full the night before with large parties that all only checked out late so they had a huge catch-up. They implied as I was here they would give my room priority – but they did not.

There was good news though as my assistant who had booked a block of rooms for the meeting we were having, had negotiated a suite for me at the same rate.

The suite was pretty good. Small lounge area, with a flat screen TV, and then in corner a desk to work at. There is free wired and wireless access (though it was not working, and so more a theory than a reality!). Then there was a good sized bedroom with good sized bed, which is comfortable too. There is another flat screen TV.

There is a fairly good selection of TV channels in different languages, and as a very frequent traveler with only really English as my language, it was great to have BBC 1 and 2 and not just the news channels to watch!

The hotel is on a very busy road and so is not the quietest as rooms have traffic noise. But it is not too loud, and ear plugs blocks it all out.

The breakfast buffet is pretty good, though expensive if not part of your package (22 Euros). It is always packed as the hotel seems to have coach/ tour groups galore!

Overall this is a fairly good hotel with decent rooms and facilities.

View the video of the room (426) I stayed in: click here to view on Youtube
Or watch below

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