Nassau Inn, Princeton, New Jersey

There are few hotels in the world that I dislike more than the Nassau Inn in Princeton! Of course, I am slightly spoilt as most hotels I stay in are for work (around 8 nights a year) – and we tend to stay in nice hotels.

I have had to stay in the Nassau Inn many times in the last 15 years. And I have never liked nor enjoyed it.

I only stay here when I have to, like this trip when we are at a meeting being held all week here.

The hotel feels run down and shabby from the outside and all through. It is located right in the centre of Palmer Square and is a great location. And is always full. So they don’t care.

I had grumbled about the choice if hotel for the meeting, and noted when checking in that I was to be allocated a “VIP” room.

After rattling up the dated old lifts to the depressing 2nd floor, I found my room 245. I sighed with relief that it was in the soulless “new” section (new being at least 20 years) as at least the walls are not paper thin.

Saying that I can still hear a fair bit of noise from people on the street below and banging around from rooms above and next door.

The room is a good size, and they have made some effort. But the bathroom is appallingly dated. And they still have all the warning signs about what you can and cannot do and how much they will charge you if you do anything.

Annoyingly in this day and age, you need to get a cable to access the internet as there is no wireless access. You also need to get a key and sign to and fetch a key for the room safe, and agree to a 45 dollar charge if you loose it

The food in the hotel is all from the “tap room” which claims to date back to the mid 1700s. The food is very classic American fare, with huge portions. And not very inspiring.

View Room 245 video on YouTube: click here

Gary Bembridge

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