Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove Miami Florida: so near but so far in many ways…

This was the second time I have stayed at the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, which is about 30 minutes drive from South Beach.

And having stayed there a second time, I now remember why I was in two minds about it and staying here when I had the option of hotels in the area.

Like most Ritz Carlton’s it is fairly costly to stay here, so for me here is a summary of the good and the bad:

The positives

The rooms are large and a good size, with very comfortable beds and pillows and large well equipped bathroom. But based on the location in the middle of a suburban area many have very unappealing views for the price. I was looking over to buildings and a roof top.

The Fitness centre is large and well equipped

The reception and front lobby service is very friendly and helpful. I had, for example, on checking in asked for a room without an inter-leading door to another one, and they handle it in a no fuss and open way.

The negatives

It is not in South Beach, which may sound odd but is important if you are on holiday or (like I was) attending a conference at the Miami Conference Center, as if you are planning or needed to spend in SoBe this location is not ideal. There is nothing much around the hotel, and you will need a car.

The service and time it takes to get breakfast in the restaurant is very slow, versus the fast evening room service

The overall attention to detail through the hotel is mixed, I had asked for my bathroom scales to be changed twice and neither worked, and you think that they would have at least have tried to ensure that the replacement worked.

When booking, check you get a deal that has the valet parking and the breakfast included as they are expensive as extras.

So overall it is a neat, up-market hotel that does a lot well but lacks some of the depth that other 5 star hotels offer. So close but just misses.

Watch the videos of the 2 rooms I have stayed at:

Room 420: click here to watch on YouTube

The other room I have stayed in. Watch YouTube by clicking here or on the blog post:

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