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I have written about this topic before, but as I sat on a series of flights (BA from Heathrow to Paris, Paris to Malaga on Air Europe, BA from Malaga to London Gatwick) the whole process and ordeal reminded me again of why it is so much better to go by Eurostar if you can. And in fact increasingly around Europe by train, than put oneself through the airport and pack-them-in short haul flights.

I have been to and from Paris at least twice a month now for the last 6 months. All except this one has been on the Eurostar.

My original posting on this with the case for and against: click here.

I went through the new BA Terminal 5 at London Heathrow. It worked smoothly and efficiently with fast check-in (well bag drop as I had checked in online). The terminal is working well below capacity though as the long haul flight move has been delayed due to the problems on opening.

It is a big bright terminal with a billion shops. The British Airways First Class Lounge is huge and impressive. Though it is slightly strange as the “First Class” lounge is really the lounge for people with BA Gold cards and people actually flying First Class use the “Concorde Lounge”. This was also true of Terminal 4 before T5.

Anyway, my tip is if you have to travel short haul in Europe and especially between London and Paris, the train should always be looked at as a very real and less traumatic option!

Here though if you do plan to fly and have a Gold Card, is what the BA First Class Lounge looks like!

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London Heathrow Terminal 5
Terminal 5 Heathrow (May 2008) (5)
Terminal 5 Heathrow (May 2008) View towards South Security Entrance
Heathrow Terminal 5
BA British Airways Concorde First Class Lounge Heathrow

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