Lismoyne Hotel, Fleet, Hampshire (UK): Review, Photos, Video

On all the literature at this hotel they say “Conferences. Weddings. Events”. This pretty much, in my view, sums up what this hotel delivers on and focuses on – affordale venue for events.
We were staying there for one night as we were attending some friend’s 40th birthday and had booked to stay to avoid driving so we could have a drink (or two or three). It was perfectly fine for this, but it did end up being a slightly strange place to visit. It is basically an old large house, that I guess was originally in the country but now is close to the centre of Fleet. Then sprawling out from it are some accommodation wings which are fine but feel very functional rather than well designed.
Although the rooms and blocks seem to have been renovated some time recently, they are all very old fashioned and feel a lot like your well meaning granny was the interior designer. Service is friendly but a bit strange. It is not quite Fawltey Towers but is a bit unusual. For example when we checked in, the address on the check-in form had an address in Germany and not ours in the UK, and the lady on reception just laughed and said that the system always puts the wrong addresses on and not to worry.
Our room, which was one of the executive versus standard rooms, was quite a long walk through winding corridors but the advantage is that it is far from the main building which is probably a good idea as there are wedding and 21st parties there a lot it seems.
The room was clean but dated, as photos that I have posted will show. The bed was very large but not that comfortable compared to many of the chain hotels that have invested in very comfy beds, line and pillows. The pillows were especially hard. They use sheets and blankets rather then duvets.
We ate lunch in the bar which was ok, and were amused as some other guests were told the chef only served food exactly as it was on the menu and the change they had requested would not be accommodated. From what we could gather it was a minor request that a smarter hotel would do without batting an eye, but clearly here the customer is not king!
This place is only one to stay if you are in the local area at and event, and one night is enough.
Watch the room video:

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