The Ritz Carlton Battery Park New York is expensive. And although a great, and quiet location, for New York I am not sure if it is worth it. It just did not feel as up-market as it should for the price. But then I think overall one is paying for the location, the less frantic New York experience and the stunning views.

With an average cost of around $450 (before taxes which add another $60 on the cost), you expect a hotel to reek of style and general sophistication and specialness. The Ritz Carlton does not have that feel, and it is hard to work out why as it should.

On the positive side:

  • ·         It is in a great location right down at Battery Park, near to where the boats go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. This mean that it is very quiet, and you can almost forget that you are in New York. I am so used to being uptown where it is busy, noisy and rushed. Here it is calmer and the rooms are quiet.
  • ·         The décor is very stylish. It is very nicely done and been refurbished even though only being open about 7 years. There are nice touches with beautiful wallpaper, trendy lamps and the such.
  • ·         The rooms, for New York especially, are large. They are a great size in fact. The bed is huge and very, very comfortable. The
  • ·         You can get rooms with stunning views across to the Statute of Liberty, though they do cost a  premium. We did not have a room with a view and looked onto the residences building. But as we were on the Club level, we did get access to the Club Lounge which has beautiful views across the river. The lounge was being renovated while we were here and so instead of being on the 11th floor was on the 8th. Also it has the quietest air-conditioning I have ever come across. This for me is a huge plus as I hate noise and so often have to sleep with the air-con off and here it is so quiet you can leave it on.
  • ·         The staff are all very efficient and helpful
  • ·         The fitness center on the 14th floor is a good size, with a good range of modern equipment.

I liked staying here, but it is hard to see it is a good value. But great for a treat! The only one issue was that we both got itchy skin while there and that went after we left, so not sure if that was something like bed bugs and we have contacted the hotel.

Watch a video of my room (804) on YouTube (click here) or on the blog posting:

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