Hotel Intercontinental De La Ville in Rome: many may like it, I really wanted to…!


Intercontinental De La Ville Rome Italy (2)
Hotel Intercontinental De La Ville in Rome, Room 543

Intercontinental De La Ville Rome Italy
Hotel Intercontinental De La Ville in Rome, Room 543

I wanted to like the Hotel Intercontinental De La Ville in Rome, but left with very mixed views. Not sure I would hurry back. Though I suspect that many tourists, especially those from outside of Europe would find it charming, historical and reeking if old European charm. For me, it was more an expensive, slightly dated and old-fashioned place.
·         The staff are friendly and welcoming. This is true across all areas.
·         The location is great. It is right near the top of the famous Rome landmark of the Spanish Steps. It is great to stand there in the evening and watch people gather and enjoy themselves. There are great shops and lots of restaurants close by.
·         The rooms are large, and as the building is old has high ceilings. Although very traditional styling, which not to my taste, would be generally well liked. The bed was huge and very comfortable.
The negatives
·         Costly! Everything costs a lot. The mini-bar charges are outrageous, the food is costly (breakfast is 35 Euros!), and even spaghetti and tomato sauce is over 20 Euros.
·         Noise. I was kept awake by booming band, it was clear that the hotel know about this, and seems to come from a disco and park nearby, so they have limited control over it. Also the sound from the outdoor restaurant (music and talking) gets loud.
·         Power cuts. This may be more a quirk of when I was staying, but in our meeting room we had regular power cuts which meant resetting up the projector etc
Overall a mixed experience. it is worth looking at the video I took of my room, as some people I have shown it say “wow” what a great room. So clearly a hotel that gets a mixed reaction.
But no-one can argue that it is expensive!

Watch the video of the room I stayed in (Room 543):

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