Chilworth Manor Hotel, Southampton (Review, video and photos)

We would never have considered or even known about this hotel, I suspect, unless we had not taken part in a “blind auction” at a charity ball. We won 2 nights at the Chilworth Manor Hotel and stayed on a Saturday and Sunday night.

Based on reviews we had read, we arrived with mixed expectations, knowing that the hotel very clearly was a conference / meeting venue in the week and a weddings one on a Saturday. Having stayed at such places before, we were worried we would be treated as “filler fodder”.

But we were very pleasantly surprised.

The hotel is on very beautiful grounds, with a lot of it still wild, with a long winding driveway up to the house. The house itself was originally a country home and was for a while part of the Southampton University where it was houses of residence. Then it was bought out and turned into a hotel.

While the hotel decor is a bit dated, and feels like it was influenced by one’s grandmother and not all high quality, it is clean and efficient. Though the beds are not that great and could do with being better.

Overall we found the staff to be cheerful and helpful, this was true of reception, the restaurant and the fitness centre.

The restaurant was good value and good quality. The fitness centre was well equipped and the pool a good size, though with very limited space to sit around.

The grounds are quite wild, but works.

We were given the Dwight Eisenhower suite which was large with bay windows. There was a large TV but the bathroom was small and slightly odd shaped, but fine for a few days. The bed was not that comfortable, but again fine.

Overall the hotel is fine and we enjoyed our time there. It is overall a bit old fashioned and the furniture and decor okay. But for the price and also the location is good.

The nearby pub, by the way, is very good for eating at!

See all my photos on Flickr of the hotel and area: click here

Watch a video of the room on YouTube by clicking here or on the blog posting

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