Radisson Zurich Airport Hotel (review, video and photos)

The Radisson Zurich Airport is located between a Renault car dealership and the railway line in a drab and sprawling industrial park. This uninspiring hotel is unattractive to look at and has dated early 1980s style decor with lots of glass panelled walls, beige marble type floors and heavy rich colours.

On the positive side it is a 4 Swiss francs ride on a tram that takes about 10 minutes. Though annoying you have to have cash to buy a ticket and so you have to remember to buy something from the shop on the way to the tram to be able to buy a ticket as the machine does not take notes or cards.

This is a strange hotel. It seems to be efficiently run, as most of Switzerland does, but lacks any character and mood. It was especially challenging to be there for a week, which I was for a conference. The meeting rooms have no windows and are very gloomy, making it a tiring place to have a meeting.

The rooms, though, are large but with terrible views. I had a view into a courtyard surrounded by offices – but it could have been worse as I could have been looking over the busy railway lines or the car dealership and road. The room had a good sized desk, very comfortable beds and dated bathroom which a lot of mirrors, which meant as a chap you get to view yourself in all your glory when going to the toilet.

The hotel is very hot and quite stuffy, and many people commented about how the hotel suffered on that front. My room had good air-conditioning, but that was not everyone’s experience.

There are a number of restaurants in the hotel, but all are fairly average. But at least there is some choice.

There is a 24 hour fitness centre that is well equipped with weights, cardio machines, small pool and sauna. It is very hot down there. You have to take a specific lift down to the centre.

Other than having to stay there because you have to go to a conference being held there and you had no say in the venue choice, or you have to stay near the airport for 1 brief night and have not time to even want to venture out of the hotel, I can see no reason why you would chose to stay here.

Watch a video of Room 325 at the hotel on YouTube (click here) or on the blog posting:


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