Duxford Air Museum Cambridge (part of Imperial war Museum). A place you must visit!

The Duxford Air Museum about 50 miles from London is a MUST SEE!

A visit to the Duxford Air Museum about 50 miles from London is a must for anyone with an interest in flight and aeroplanes.

I first visited the museum about 15 years ago, and in recent years (thanks to lottery money and investment by the Imperial War Museum that it is a part of) it has been transformed into a quite remarkable experience. One that is actually and literally breathtaking.

The museum is spread out across a massive stretch of open land. It used to be one of the most crucial airfields during the 2nd World War when planes set off from here to protect Cambridge and then London from the Blitz bombing. Later, once the Americans entered the war, it was the base for the American planes that would set off at night to bomb German targets.

Across the huge area are a number of old and new hangers chock full of planes from the Second World War and more recent times.

Two of the most impressive buildings are the Air Space building (which includes one of the test Concorde planes among many other massive planes, and a history of flight and interactive exhibits) and the American Air Museum (which has some of the largest planes I have ever seen). Both buildings are striking, as well as massive, and the American Air Museum is a stunning piece of architecture.

In addition to these there are also smaller hangers with submarines, tanks and of course planes. On the tarmac are retired passenger planes most from the 1960s.

There are, especially at weekends, various air displays and the ability to fly in some old planes. Also dotted about the area are things like air defence guns and old 1940s pre-fab houses to view.

There are a few places to eat and a very impressive gift shop.

I loved this museum and it is a great day out, especially for kids who were visibly excited by the whole experience.

The place must cost a fortune to run. It is well worth getting yourself there.

The website is: http://duxford.iwm.org.uk/

See all the photos I took at Duxford Museum on Flickr: click here

Watch a compilation video of the various hangers and exhibits at Duxford Air Museum on youTube (click here) or on the blog posting.

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