Chauncey Conference Center, Princeton, New Jersey: Review and Videos

This was the 2nd time that I stayed at this place. Not by choice I have to stress!!

I was involved in running 2 training events and both were booked in at this hotel/ conference center. And I have to say I was DREADING going back there. Why?

1) The food is really, really bad. There are 2 places to eat (and of course the room service where you can have a burger… or a burger or a burger. The main restaurant has the most strange combinations of food that is all in buffet style and so dried out.

2) The staff are not really that efficient.

3) The place is very remote and so if you are there you are very isolated and far from anything. There is not a lot to do at the hotel – and the gym that they say they are “proud” of is pretty basic with a multi-gym and some cardio machines.

4) The bedrooms are ok – but the air conditioning/ heating system is very poor and is noisy and either boiling hot or off. Though the 2nd time I stayed the room was much better and I am probably just being picky as I hated the overall hotel experience!

My advice is avoid staying here is you possibly can…

Here are the 2 different rooms I stayed in videos:

Room I did not like at all…

Much nicer room..

Gary Bembridge

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