WESTIN PRINCETON (New Jersey, USA) : Review and video

Westin Hotel Princeton

The review below from 2008 will show that I have mixed feelings about this hotel. Located on Route 1 towards Princeton, this hotel has had many guises over the last 2 decades. Recently refurbished, it is now a Westin.

The hotel is located in a strange shopping and office complex (Forrestal Village) that was supposed to be one of those Outlet Shopping areas, but never quite worked.

The revamped hotel is probably one of the nicer hotels in the area (but that is not a huge compliment!). It is functional, comfortable and good for business travellers.

There is a Starbucks concession in the lobby, which is popular. The food at the restaurant is not great overall, again very functional.

The room was large and comfortable (as the photos and video show):

Video of Room 374 I stayed in:

Westin Hotel Princeton

This is what I thought in 2008:

What a strange hotel. I was so glad I was only staying one night! That was more than enough.

It has been many years since I stayed here, and then it was called something different. It seems to have gone into a strange limbo state since then and the whole place feels in decline.
The hotel is going through some work, which is very desperately needed. I am not sure if this is just in the public areas only, but the rooms all need work as well.

The main observations I had of the hotel were:

(1) The bedroom was large, but strange. The bed was comfortable enough, though the fitted sheet seemed to be the wrong size and kept slipping off in the night. The decor in the room was odd and a weird mix of styles and furniture. It all felt a bit like it was made up by different people with different ideas. The bathroom had a toilet and bath/ shower (very beige and very dated) with the basin outside in a small hallway thing. Odd.

(2)The premium lounge, which I got access to as am Gold Starwood was very tatty. It had food and a good selection of coffee – but was so shabby.

(3)The restaurant was fine. Very empty and ok food.

All in all a very odd place with a very odd feel. I would not go back.

The problem in the Princeton area is all the hotels are very average, but always busy and full – so none seems to try very hard.

Watch the room video on YouTube: click here

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