Fairmont Royal Pavilion Barbados: Review, Photos and Video

This review is based on 2 visits to this lovely hotel on the most glorious island of Barbados in the Caribbean.

You generally find when searching or looking at reviews of the hotel that they are usually glowing and favorable. I am very much in this camp. Though the main detractors tend to be those that feel for that there is nothing to do at the hotel, and this is probably the main point and benefit to the hotel. It is all about relaxing and lying about on what is probably one of the best beaches on the island.

The first time we chose to go to the Fairmont based was on the reviews we had read on TripAdvisor, and are very pleased that we did so. The hotel staff is all very friendly, and invests a lot of time getting to know you and is always keen to chat and find out how things are going.

One of the best things is the rooms. There are only 72 of them and all are spacious, very comfortable and every room has the most stunning view across the sea. When you are in your room it feels like you are on a cruise ship looking out to sea.

The beach and the loungers are fantastic. The sea is brilliant if you like to swim as deep and clear, with the pontoon that you can swim out to and dive off. This tends to be a place you get to also meet and chat to other guests. The pool is fairly large with even more comfortable loungers but despite the photos you see of the pool, it is actually a bit dated but fins if you like to lie about and cool off.

The one missed opportunity is the main restaurant/ bar as it is usually quiet and although the food is good (very expensive) and they have talented entertainment, it is not well used.

The only real dissapointment is the fitness room which is very small and has 2 treadmills and a kind of cross-trainer and a few weights, It is much too small and of there are more than 2 or 3 people in there it gets clumsy to work out in.

The hotel only allows children to stay at the hotel in the “off peak” period which is the Caribbean Summer months from May to October. During the peak season children are not allowed, and this makes the place a great place for couples. Even at the times are children are allowed, I do not really think that this is the best place for children to stay as there are other hotels that are better geared to kids and have more facilities and chances for them to meet and play with kids their own ages.

The hotel has free water sports that include water skiing, kayaks and snorkeling trips to go to a wreck and swimming with the turtles (and so no need to pay to do that from vendors on the beach). There are quite a few vendors that “work” the beach selling tube rides, jet skiing and things like jewelry. Generally they are polite and not too intrusive and after a few days of saying no they usually leave you alone.

Each day from 3.30 to 5pm there is a delicious afternoon tea included with sandwiches, cakes and scones which is great. There is also usually a manager’s cocktail party once a week with drinks and canapés which is a nice touch.

I like this hotel a great deal and recommend it highly.

This is a video of the rooms and views:

This is a video of the amazing beach:

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