Nifty personal travel pods operational at London Heathrow T5

Travel pods at London Heathrow T5

These nifty and clever innovations are fully operating at London Heathrow Terminal 5 (the main BA terminal at the airport). They are small travel pods that carry a few people and whisk you from the car park to the terminal, and vice versa.

They run to the car park that is designed for people to leave cars at all day or for a few days, and replace buses. They not only mean that there is less traffic and pollution from buses (they estimate about 50000 trips a year!), but are clever individual pods that you take “on demand”, and so no waiting for a scheduled tram to arrive as at other airports. 

These are clever, innovative and also a lot of fun.

The airport has made a video about them and how they work which can be watched below:

Here is a video someone took of the ride:

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