RYANAIR: After one trip, what can I say? It’s the passengers not the crew and airline…

Beziers Cap D'Agde Airport - Ryanair

Ryanair: flight from Beziers to London Luton

So what can I tell you about Ryanair that you have not heard before?

The worst part are the passengers, not the airline!?

Surprisingly to me was that it was – in my view – no worse or better than flying economy on any of the major carriers like Iberia or Air France. And was actually no cheaper either, once you have paid for the priority boarding lane, to check a bag in, various service fees and so on. It seemed to suffer the same annoying delays from traffic control despite rushing the turnaround and getting people on board.

The only major differences to me seemed to be you could not put your seat back (which was a positive as meant you did not have a chair back and bald patch in your face), and there is more selling. But of course on most economy flights you have to buy food and drink. The Ryanair crew are just faster and more efficient at it.

The leg room was actually slighty better than most carriers like Air France and Iberia. It made a more comfortable journey for me who is over six foot tall with long legs. Though the cushioning seems less comfy on the backside!

The main thing that drove me crazy was the appalling badly behaved children and adults on board, but not sure I can blame Ryanair for that – other than making it overall cheap for people with badly acting children. Paying little for a flight and being handled before boarding in off-hand and with strict rules on luggage and so on, seems to have created a monster when it came to the passengers!

Overall Ryanair seems to bring out the worst in people, the frantic scrabbling and shoving in the lines to get on the plane. Effective as ensures people board promptly, but the frenzy that breaks out is disturbing, like people are fighting for some mercy flight with limited spaces. Even the people that had bought priority boarding pushed and shoved.

The cabin crew were efficient, fast and very hard working. They earn their money. I was impressed with just how hard they worked.

Overall If it was not for the passengers it would be fine!

A view of Ryanair cabin crew:
This was a review I wrote after my 1st trip on the airline. I got some comments from a reader who says they are cabin crew and had the following to add:
I am cabin crew for ryanair and couldn’t agree with you more.

Here are some helpful tips for anyone travelling with ryanai:

1) when you first come onboard the aircraft be nice to the crew because even tho you might have had a horrible time in the airport, the crew had nothing to do with it and if you are nice with us we are nice with you.

2) if you are travelling with children and want to sit with them then get to the gate first, you dont have to buy priority boarding just make sure you get onboard first, dont come last and expect the crew to help you or for people to move just because you chose to have kids.

3) done change the babies nappies on the seats or in the isles there is a baby changing table and bins in the toilets and people have to sit on those seats after you have left.

4) keep children out of the way of the isles especially when the crew are serving drinks and have the trollies out because we could stand on the kids or spill hot drinks on them.

5) do not get drunk before you get to the plane or onboard because the crew will not let you fly especially if you are on my flight.

6) pick up all your rubbish before you leave and give it to the crew, the crew pass through the cabin more than once collecting rubbish and make announcements, this is common respect for the next passengers and the crew who dont get paid on the ground but still collect all the rubbish you have left behind.

7) If the flight is delayed just remember that the crew are not getting paid on the ground and cant make the plane move without air traffic control authorization so there is no point in kicking off on the crew.

There are lots more that i could put on here but these are the main ones that really annoy the crew on nearly every flight

Ryanair: flight from Beziers to London Luton
Ryanair: flight from Beziers to London Luton


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