Las Vegas Stratosphere: Scary, crazy rides…not for the faint-hearted

Stratosphere Las Vegas
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The Stratosphere Tower and hotel in Las Vegas is a must visit attraction if you are a bit of an adrenalin junkie, or love heights! If not you will find this a scary trip! It is over 100 stories high.

Its tower is the tallest observation tower and the 5th tallest structure in the Unites States. Not surprisingly, it is the tallest structure in Las Vegas.

This huge structure sits at one end of the strip, not surrounded by other tall buildings and so it is sometimes hard to appreciate just how tall it is. But it is!

On top of this large tower there used to be a traditional rollercoaster, but this was replaced by a series of rides that really test people’s ability to deal with heights.

The rides include X-Scream (a ride that sends people over the end of the tower); Insanity (a ride that takes people over the side of the tower and spins them round) and Big Shot (that shoots people straight up). There is also a newish attraction which lets you fall from the 110 floor down to the ground in a fixed bungee jump type harness.

You can buy a pass up to the top of the tower and go outside and get great views of the city, and watch the terrified people on the rides. There is also a restaurant, coffee shop and  gift shop.

Watch the videos I made of the 3 main rides:




Big Shot


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