Hotel Verta & Heliport Battersea London: thoughts and review

Hotel Verta and Heliport

When we stayed in the Hotel Verta it was still in receivership after the collapse of the Essen Hotel Chain. So we had some trepidation and nerves about how a staff working under administration would be.

We found, with the exception of the reception staff who were disinterested and off-hand most of the time, we found other staff friendly, chatty and helpful. The staff was very good in the horribly quiet but attractive restaurant, where we had one of the most delicious meals I have ever had. It was really impressive.

The hotel is located on the Thames River just off the York Road in an area of Battersea/ Wandsworth that is now covered with apartment block develops, and not really a great location. Unless you coming in on a helicopter, as the London Heliport is attached to the hotel. There is no public transport close by, and it seemed ordering a cab would take about 15 minutes. So not ideal for tourists, and so think they were looking more at a business market. The rooms to me reflected this too.

The room was quite small, and had a smart, designed feel. The bed was big and comfortable. There was a desk area, but not desk chair but an more informal chair. The bathroom was really nicely done, with large bath/ shower in bath and a TV you could watch in the bath. The soundproofing was amazing, as our room looked over the actual heliport and we could barely hear them landing and taking off.

There is a striking looking bar on the 1st floor, and the restaurant on the ground floor (as mentioned) looks great and has great food.

You can walk along the river but all you have are apartment blocks, though the famous Cake Boy shop and tea room is nearby. Well worth a visit!

The spa in the basement has a large fitness area that is well equipped, and then a pool with jet areas that was popular.

Overall was a slightly strange stay, and the hotel clearly does not seem to be busy with guests – but also the local community seem to have embraced it less that the Hotel Raefal near by where the bar was much more busy and vibrant.

Hotel Verta Restaurant

View of the Thames from Hotel Verta

Hotel Verta Bar

Hotel Verta Battersea Heliport

Video of the Hotel Verta Room we stayed in, with view of the Battersea Heliport:

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