Hilton Arc De Triomphe Hotel Paris France: Video, reviews and more

I have stayed at the Hilton Arc De Triomphe twice in the last few year, and really like the hotel.
It is an art deco style and inspired building with some nice touches and overall good decor. The lobby is quite impressive and striking, and the doormen and reception are friendly and helpful so from arrival you feel welcome.
The location of the hotel is fairly good as walking distance to the Champs Elysee, but not slap bang in the busy area so I think is a good balance of being handy but quiet and out of the madhouse.
The rooms are fairly large with big comfortable bed, good working space and then an unusual bathroom thing where the basin (an art deco inspired green basin) is in a small passageway which also has the cupboard. So it can be a bit clumsy. Then into the bathroom and toilet area. The water pressure is not great and the shower is okay buy not very strong.
There is a very large TV with a good selection of channels, especially for English speakers – though there are actually more english channels if you flick through the channels than rely on those listed via the menu as english language (there are BBC1, BBC2, CBBC for example also available but not listed).
The breakfast is a really good spread but costs 22 Euros if you not got it in your rate. But the service is fast and very friendly. In the evening the restaurant, which is very large, serves a good range of food with many very good fish dishes and nice wines. The staff again is attentive and helpful.
There is a fairly well equipped fitness centre that seems quite busy, along with a spa.
The hotel is very popular for meetings and during the day is full of business types.
I like the hotel a great deal, though the rack rates can be quite high. But worth checking out as an option for business or pleasure.

Watch the video of the room on YouTube click here, or watch on the blog posting:

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