I really did not like this hotel. My personal advice if you are in Madrid is to find another hotel, unless you have such an amazing deal you feel you need to do it.

The service is very lack lustre and off-hand, and reception is the area that this is most prevalant. They are disinterested and unhelpful, and even to the point of being slightly rude. The hotel is driven by package holiday and conferences and (in my experience) these are always hotels to avoid, as the staff and management know that the business comes in through deals and pricing and the person to keep happy is the conference booker or the package holiday negotiator.

Overall the hotel is “just fine” which is one of the most damming things that I can say about any hotel. The rooms have a sort of wow factor and have been renovated to look better than the dull office block looking building itself, but it is clear that the budget was limited and the furniture is light and flimsy. The rooms though are large and have wooden style floors, a big desk to work at, big twin beds, flatscreen TV and a big bathroom. The bathroom is slightly strange as has the basin area and the cupboards are in there rather than in the bedroom  area. Then there is a door into the bath, toilet and bidet area.

I have a concern and try and avoid rooms that have an interconnecting door to the room next door (how I hate these, as always have bad experiences with noise from the people in the room). I had forgotten to ask when checked in, and so went down to ask to change and the reception was very unhelpful and did not change me. I was kept awake form 1am to 2.30am and so next day after making a big issue finally got changed to a room without one. So if you are unlucky to have to stay at the hotel, make sure you avoid these! Noise generally is an issue, and as most reviews of this hotel will tell you the traffic noise is quite loud no matter how high you are and it sounds like you have left windows open. The aircon is also not very efficient.

The food at the hotel is fine as well. The room service was fast though and not too bad.

But the overall level that things works is mixed. The spa and gym is expensive to use (10 euros of on a conference). The system to watch movies did not work properly, and the only help from reception is “well just keep trying”.

A hotel to avoid in my view

Watch a video of the room 945 I stayed in:

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