BEER IN DEVON UK: pretty and charming seaside resort worth a visit

The Beach at Beer Devon

This small village on the coast of Devon is in many ways a better example of what an English seaside venue should be.

Unlike its bigger neighbours like Sidmouth, it is not tacky, not full of big cheap looking hotels full of decrepit guests and over priced shops and tourist eating places.

Beer retains it charm as it seems to be a largely residential village, with some small guest houses and I assume houses that are rented out.

It does attract a lot of weekend visitors who amble down the steep road from the village down to the beach and fill the stoney beach relaxing on deckchairs, eating from the few on the beach “greasy spoon” cafes or sailing. It is also a popular point to head off on walks up and along the top of the steep cliffs.

You can also hire small wooden motor boats for 20 minutes to chug out to sea.

Beer village has a fairly long street that has small and increasingly more quirky boutique type shops selling arts and crafts, fudge and the like.

It has a buzz and friendly atmosphere especially on the weekends in summer as people chat and wander about.

Worth popping by if in the area.

Watch a video I took of the beach by clicking here to watch on YouTube, or on the blog posting.

Video of a trip out on the boat, followed by some scenes of Sidmouth

 More photos:

Beer Devon
Beer Devon

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