Hilton Cadbury Hotel & Spa Bristol UK: review, photos & video

Cadbury House is near Bristol, set up on a hill with a great view across the countryside towards Wales. There is what looks to be the old house and then a modern (and very functional looking) building that houses the bedrooms, restaurant and bar. While we were staying there we noticed that many “Doubletree by Hilton” signage started to appear around the hotel, and so assume that this hotel has become part of that group.

Overall we enjoyed our stay at the hotel, though think the secret to an enjoyable and quiet stay is going there during the week and not the weekend. During the week it was very quiet as regards the number of guests staying, and it looks like most of the business in the week are meetings and conferences. On the weekend it is clear that wedding parties move in, and we saw that even by the Saturday morning the nature of the hotel changed (like they moved to a buffet breakfast instead of taking orders).

We found the staff welcoming and friendly, although they did seem to get a bit harassed when trying to deal with multiple people. But we found service very good. We had a problem with the TV in the room when we got there, and someone was there fast and tried to sort it out and when could not moved us to the next door room.

The room we were staying in was one of their “Loft Suites” (403). These are showcase rooms that are very trendy and different. They are actually quite a clever idea as they are in the loft (hence the name) and only have one very small window. So to get over that issue they have created a “wow” room and use that as the selling point. So it is an open plan that has a bed with twinkling lights above it, a seating area with TV, small table to eat at, day bed and then the bath is in the room,a s are 2 basins and a 2 person shower. The toilet is in a separate room. Then the decor is dramatic with a rope curtain to split the room. So they overcome the lack of any light by making a feature. The room could be a bit oppressive if there for a while but was great fun and very different for a short stay. The room was a bit stuffy though as has less than great air flow. But was fine.

We had dinner twice in “TheRestaurant” and the food was excellent, as was the service.

The gym and spa is huge with great facilities and a large pool. The gym was busy but as there is so much equipment it was great to use.

Overall we had a great stay there, as we were there in the week – and so if you looking for a break that is the best time to go by far!

Watch a video of the Loft Suite (403) we stayed in on YouTube by clicking here, or on the blog posting:

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