Marriott Royal Hotel Bristol UK; not recommended, unless you not looking to sleep!.

What a nightmare of a stay at the Marriott Royal Bristol, which ended up with the Night Manager agreeing to cut our room bill in half.

We were down at the hotel to attend a charity dinner but as the hotel runs many events, we found ourselves in a bedroom with a booming disco and very noisy party goers outside until past 2am. We asked for another room but they had none, and then as we could not sleep after to-ing and fro-ing the night manager agreed that to cut the rate in half. We were annoyed as the hotel knew there was an event running until past 2am which would be very loud, but had not mentioned it.

If they had at least we would have had the option to get another room when we checked in (as we had checked in at 2pm there must have been many options), try another hotel or even taken an option to buy a more expensive room further away.The hotel also lost 4 raffle prizes we had brought down and left with the conference team (they also had given one of the auction items to another event instead of the the right event, who had uctioned it off….)

On the positive side, the bedroom was a good size and bed comfortable (if there was no booming party). Though we could also hear the TV and music clearly from the room next door earlier in the evening too before we went out.

There is a large gym and pool area, though this is a bit dated and the gym was quite grubby.Breakfast buffet in the morning was good.

A terrible experience with noise from parties clearly and issue as there was more than just me complaining.
Watch a video I took of Room 1267 on YouTube by clicking here, or on the blog posting:

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