Novotel Hotel at Warsaw Airport Poland. You get what you should expect…

What can I say really… The Novotel Hotel at Warsaw Airport is a hotel near the airport by Novotel. So you know exactly what you are getting. At least from that perspective they are consistent – not exciting, not special but reliably consistent.

Overall I am not crazy about Novotel hotels. They are in unremarkable to ugly 1970s inspired buildings that look and with a finish that says budget was not high. They are always clean but decor is well meaning but feels budget and not strong. The bed is large, but not overly comfortable. The staff is fine enough but not memorable.

The Novotel Warsaw airport is all of this. It is a good location for the airport and near a growing complex of offices. It is only ideal if you are in and out and not able or planning to be very touristy. It seems popular for meetings and that seemed to be the main trade.

The room was large and had free Internet access which is great. They have a pool and fitness centre, but did not get to see that.

The restaurant has a fairly good buffet breakfast.

Overall it was fine, but was only staying one night.

See the video of my room 782 on the blog posting, or click here to watch on YouTube

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