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1313 Harbor Blvd. at Katella Disneyland Way, Anaheim, California 92803, United States

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maps/ layout
http://www.solarius.com/dvp/dl/disneyland-map.htm (interactive map)

  1. Research before you go using podcasts. Try the official Disneyland podcast that you can find via Disneyland.com (look for the podcast link), or search on iTunes/ Yahoo etc for Disneyland or Disney and you will find many OUTSTANDING fan podcasts with the latest news so very handy to check them out beforen you go.
  2. Make sure you know where you are going and how to find it as not well signposted. Get a map with instructions from a site liek experiencela.com
  3. Make sure you write down – or text yourself – where you parked and the trolly bus to get there…
  4. Sunscreen up, wear a hat and make sure everyone in your party has done – you will outside all day and it is hot!
  5. As soon as you are in, sit down somewhere, have a drink and use the map and day’s events to plan how you will “attck” the park, in what order, rides you MUST do, who wants to do what – and agree a meet point if you get lost etc
  6. Consider one of the offical tours, fidn details on disneyland.com that range forma kids one with a treasure hunt to a Follow in Walt’s footsteps that covers his vision and how they built the place
  7. use FAST PASS which means you can get free tickets with a time slot that means you jump to the head of the queues and so you don’t stand for 30 or more minutes when you could be doing something else
  8. Plan on a day for the park – making sure you plan to see the mid-afternoon parade and fireworks at sunset. A day is enough 5 – 6 hours max..
  9. Plan whast sort of food you want fior lunch/ dinner and plan your way to attack the park so you end up there at the time you want to eat… it is all pretty much pizza, burgers etc…

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