SCANDIC CROWN HOTEL GOTHENBURG SWEDEN: dull, bland and pretty bad all round


Scandic Crown Hotel Gothenburg Sweden Room 429
Scandic Crown Gothenburg Room 429
Scandic Crown Hotel Gothenburg Sweden Room 429 (2)
Scandic Crown Gothenburg Room 429

Functional. Practical. Middle of the road. To be avoided!

That is what the Scandic Crown hotel is. Nothing more or less.For what it costs, it is not great value.

I did not like the hotel much, though as a straightforward, no nonsense place to stay it is fine. Though not as central as some of the other Scandic hotels in the city.

The room I had faced into the atrium, and it felt a bit like you were trapped – so probably an idea to ask for an outward facing room.

The room was ok. Though the furniture, fixtures and things like towels and bedding felt cheap and flimsy.

There is free wireless access which is great, and the gym on the 8th floor is ok.

The food is not good. Despite seemingly the menu is under the guidance of the UK celebrity/ TV chef Jamie Oliver, the food was not great. The breakfast buffet is big, but again just ok.

The service and staff are, again, just fine. Not good. Not bad.

This seems to sum it all up. Bland. I was happy when my 2 nights trip was done.

Watch a video of the room I stayed in (Room 429):

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