Holiday Inn Republique Paris France: Review, Photo and Videos

Holiday Inn, originally uploaded by Jason Cartwright.

On the plus side, the hotel is very well located within Central Paris. It is right next to the Metro which is a few stops for Gard d Nord (so handy if you travel in from London on the Eurostar).

It is in a beautiful, typically Parisian style building on a pretty (if busy) square.
The rooms have been renovated and are fine, though the beds and pillows are not that comfortable as they have not been upgraded like chains like Sheraton has done. There is a large flat screen TV with a fairly good selection of international programs, including things like BBC1 and BBC2.

The fitness centre is on the 4th floor and you have to go to reception to sign a waiver form to use it, so try and remember to ask for that on check-in so you don’t have to make a trip down to reception in your gym kit. The fitness centre itself is a mish mash of equipment and not that well thought out. So many hotels do this. They throw a random selection of equipment into a room. I wish they would at least get someone who works out to select what goes in.
The public areas and hallways are very tatty and these need attention as you do feel like you are staying in a bit of a dive!

Watch 2 videos of 2 different rooms that I have stayed in so far:

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