Holiday Reading. What’s Your Preference?

Nothing can beat the smell, touch and experience of an actual book. That seems to be the case for most travellers heading out on their hard-earned holidays. Where do you stand on the issue? Are you a die-hard Kindle or eBook fan? Or do you prefer to stuff your case and carry-on with physical books?

And, what do you do when you have worked your way through those books lazing by the pool, on the beach or under some shady tree?

According to a study conducted by this summer, a staggering 78% of British travellers prefer reading actual paperbacks and books over magazines, newspapers, digital downloads or reading content online. And their appetite is quite veracious. Two-thirds read two books on holiday while almost a quarter work their way through as many as four.

Whilst I love technology and devices, I am one of those that has recently deserted the eBook in favour of physical books whilst on holiday. Some of this is practical, as it feels less risky taking a paperback than an expensive eBook reader to the beach and, despite technology improvements, the glare on the screen is still frustrating.

Another thing I identified with in the study, was that over half (51%) of travellers spend more time reading on holiday than when at home. It is now fairly unusual to read books at home and I store up those I really want to read for holidays and for the plane trip there.

The removal of roaming charges across Europe for British travellers may start to change habits, as it is now possible to download and add books to an eBook within our local mobile data package. It does mean that is the books taken prove to be a bit dull, or they get finished, it is cheaper and easier to buy and download them on a European vacation. Already Opodo has found that 14% of British holidaymakers are more likely to download new books or magazines on holiday.

I personally like taking physical books with me, but it is handy to know that if you need to download extra reading it is now most affordable to add them to my phone or tablet.

What do you prefer and why? Got any great recommendations on the best books to read on holiday? Leave your thoughts in the comments of this post.

Meantime, here are the Top 10 Holiday Reads if you are looking or some ideas:


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