Eurostar comments on my posting on their lounge at St Pancras

I am impressed. Within a very short space of time after posting on this blog today about my experiences and thoughts on the new Eurostar Lounge at St Pancras, the Eurostar Communications Chap (Gareth Headon) had dropped me an email with some news about the lounge:

This is what he had to say:

“I was interested to read your blog about your experience of using Eurostar’s new Business Premier lounge at St Pancras International.

I thought you’d be interested to know that we will soon be adding an additional floor (an upper level) to the new business lounge at St Pancras. This will add in 100 extra seats and greatly increase capacity (the lounge currently has 50 seats). The final fit-out work on the new floor is currently being completed. We are keeping the temporary curtained-off lounge in place until the additional floor opens.

The unique shape of the new lounge was dictated by the fact that it was created within a grade 1 listed building. The integrity of the Victorian architecture was preserved in all stages of the restoration of the station and thus the lounge was designed to fit within the fabric of the original station.

I’m more than happy to discuss this or any other aspect of Eurostar in more detail if you are interested”

So there you go! It is about to get more roomy, and we know why the shape was chosen. And that Eurostar seem to keep a good hand on what people are thinking, saying and experiencing. I like it (my love in with Eurostar continues to grow… just as well as I am using it at least 3 times a month these days…)

Gary Bembridge

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