Sydney (Australia) Hotels: Tips from a local!

I received some great and detailed tips about hotels in Sydney from Clarke in Sydney (Clarke’s profile on Youtube is ClarkeSYD) who describes themselves as “a Sydney local, a Hotel Management student, and an ex-employee of the Shangri-La Hotel you stayed in”.

Clarke had seen the videos and comments of the 3 hotels I stayed at in Sydney Australia on a recent trip there. The hotels ranged from really terrible to really good.

Here is Clarke’s note and tips for hotels in the beautiful city of Sydney Australia:

“Thank you for your great hotel reviews so far, and also for visiting Sydney last year.

I do hope you enjoyed your stay, though some of the hotels you stayed in were not to your liking.

As a Sydney local, a Hotel Management student, and an ex-employee of the Shangri-La Hotel you stayed in, I would like to give you a few tips for if you are ever to come back to Sydney.

1. The Citigate Seibel is indeed an awful hotel; it is unfortunate to hear that you had to experience a stay there.

2. The Marriott is a nice hotel, though it is slightly smaller than some of the larger name hotels, and a little bit back towards the city with not the most spectacular of views.

3. If you are ever to stay in the Shangri-La hotel again, I suggest you pay a slightly higher fee for a ‘Horizon Club Room’. A Horizon Club Room gives you a special room that is larger than your standard room and is located between levels 30 and 35, and has spectacular views. You also get access to the Horizon Club, which is a five-floor loft for Horizon Club guests only, and is fully catered, for no additional charge.

4. The Four Seasons in Sydney is a spectacular, luxurious hotel, with views slightly better than that of the Shangri-La, and is located only meters away. It has great mood lighting, reliable staff, and very modern rooms.

5. The Park Hyatt is Sydney’s most spectacular hotel. It is so unbelievably classy, and has a long list of celebrities who have stayed there, including Robbie Williams and Sylvester Stallone. A night there will cost basically double that of other hotels, but the views, quality, and package, are all the best in Sydney.

6. Though well known, the Sheraton and Hilton hotels in Sydney are not very nice places to stay. The Sheraton is basically mediocre, but the rack room at the Hilton is very small with minimal storage space, and views that aren’t ideal. It is as though they made rooms smaller to take more guests.

7. While in Australia, it is extremely worthwhile to take a flight to the Gold Coast, and spend a night at the only Versace hotel in the world – the Palazzo Versace. The top celebrities have stayed there, including U2 and Elton John. Reviews say that the hotel looks as though a Greek lady went on a spending spree with her credit card, though there are apparently some of the worlds most prestigious items held there, such as a $4billion chandelier in the lobby. Along with the room, you get a full set of Versace items to either use or keep during your stay.

I hope this was useful to you, and on behalf of Sydney, we would be glad to have you back sometime.”

They sure were Clarke! Thanks

Here are the videos of the hotels I stayed at for you to see:

Shangrli-La Hotel in Sydney

Sydney Marriot Harbour Hotel

The AWFUL Citigate Seibel hotel…

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