Hotel Barcelo, Marbella, Spain (video, review, photos)

The thought that comes to mind about the Hotel Barcelo is: why?

I cannot imagine why one would chose to stay here. I was here to attend a work conference, but not sure why the hotel would be high on anyone’s choice (with a possible exception of anyone desperate to play and be near to a golf course next to the hotel).

The Hotel Barcelo is located in the suburbs of Marbella but is designed like a beach hotel. It feels a bit like someone forgot to mention to the architects it was nowhere near water.

It is an innocuous hotel that is easily forgotten. It is neither good nor bad. I had a large room as was allocated a suite on the 4th floor which was very pleasant. It had a large entrance area, great lounge area with chairs and sofa (and desk to work at), the bedroom was a good size (though with my current pet hate – twin beds… I am sure when on a corporate deal you get allocated twin beds versus the more comfortable doubles). The bathroom was large with separate bath and shower.

The air-conditioning was only partly effective, and the rooms got very hot while out as your key card is needed to be popped in a slot to keep the electricity (though a gym membership card left in the slot while out rather naughtily worked).

The room had great marble (or marble like) floors throughout and a small balcony. Ideal for sitting on looking at the road…. There are some rooms that face onto the pool area so worth asking for!

The food is ok, served in a large buffet restaurant with a lot of choice. It is not great but passable for a few days.

There is a great pool, very decent fitness room and shop selling the usual emergency items and holiday bits and pieces.

But overall I would never chose to stay here and even for a conference as people were there for a week they even tired of the location, food and general feel of the hotel.

If you are going to Marbella for a break or holiday it is better to seek out something nearer to the beach.

There is a video of the room at the hotel on YouTube (click here) or watch on the blog posting.

For photos of the hotel and the room I took and put on Flickr: click here

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