LONDON DUCK TOUR SIGHTSEEING: a bus that goes on road on on the river!

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Living in London you often take the amazing and rich history, and the tourist sight seeing opportunities for granted.

When I first moved to London, over 21 years ago, I was struck by how little of the tourist attractions and museums many people in London had seen. I spent my first few months getting out every day looking at sights and attractions.
But even so, when it was suggested that we take some visitors on an open air bus tour round London – was not wildly excited.We were booked on a slightly different take on the experience.

The Duck Tour company, using old war world 2 troup and equipment carriers that both drive on land and can enter the water and act like ships, was the tour we were booked on.These strange looking trucks are somewhat old and dated, painted bright yellow and are as much an attraction for staring passer-bys as the sights of London.

If you are looking to see the attractions of London, the open air bus tours are probably better. They go further, are cheaper and you can see so much more and have much better photo and video opportunities than the Duck tour.

But the Duck Tour beats them for uniqueness and the fun factor. The guide is funny and entertaining, and though has knowledge the main focus is on fun. The tour on land is short, and whips you round past houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, before heading off to Vauxhal to enter the Thames by the MI6 building where you chug down to near the Westninister Bridge and back. So before the busy part of the river.

The tour when traffic is light is just over an hour and around 18 pounds for adults.I enjoyed it a lot, though we did not really show our visitors a lot of London and get loads of great photos. But I did get a fun video of parts of the tour and compiled them. Of interest is entering and leaving the river.

Watch the video I took of the Duck Tour:

The Duck Tour website: click here

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