Hotel Mercure Rouen Val de Reuil France: MMM……

My review of the hotel Mercure at Val de Reuil can be summed up as: it is fine, as long as you are staying only one night as you pass through.

I arrived there in the evening, and it is set among the large McDonalds and some sort of large chain steakhouse. It seems that they are there as stop off places from the near-by motorway. The hotel did not look too bad in the dark, but on leaving in the morning I realised it looks like a series of prefabricated pods stacked together. I wonder if it was actually built using pre-made pods.

The hotel is clean, recently painted and refreshed. But it is dated decor that has been freshened up. It is very much a value hotel, and the night cost around 80 euros. So it is very good value as the rooms are large, great desk to work, very adequate bathroom. The bed is large but the sheets feel cheap, but I had been spoilt as been staying in a Meridien Hotel (at much more) the rest of the week with their lovely bedding. The rooms are a bit noisy but not enough to disturb as you can hear a bit of movement but it is not intrusive. I did not eat in the hotel, but colleagues who had the breakfast said it was good and good value. There is a fairly large restaurant in the lobby area. The staff were neither friendly nor not friendly. So consistent with the overall hotel experience. I was not wild about the place, but it was great value, handy for our office where I was meeting and I was only there to sleep (getting in at 9pm and leaving at 745am) and so fine. There are other hotels in the area that are priced about the same I believe with more character. So would probably try them next time and seem but for a value priced on night it is fine.
Watch a video of the room I stayed in on YouTube (click here), or on the blog post:

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