Eurostar comments on my review of the new lounge

In their usual efficient way, within hours of posting a review of the new upstairs lounge at Eurostar St Pancras I got a note from Gareth Headon in the Corporate Communications Office commenting on the review.

He says:
“Dear Gary,

I hope you’re well. I was interested to read your latest post on your experiences of the Eurostar business lounge. I’m glad you like the new upper level. We have one more element of the lounge to open which should address your two concerns (about the narrow stairs and the signage for the upper level).

From next week we will open a new spiral staircase which will be the main route to the upper level. It will be quite a spectacular design ‘feature’ in the lounge and will be next to the entrance so it will also be immediately obvious that there is an upper level.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any further questions about this or any other aspect of Eurostar.

Yours, Gareth”

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