Cape Town: Signal Hill – stunning and a must do!

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Although Table Mountain is the best known mountain in Cape Town for people to go up for views of the city and surrounds, there is another amazing vantage point that many never get to go to – and this is Signal Hill.

Unlike Table Mountain which requires a long trek on foot or a cable car ride that is not for anyone that does not like heights, you can drive up Signal Hill.

Signal Hill is very popular on tours and for locals to head up to have a glass of wine and watch the sun go down. But it is really very breathtaking both in the day and even more so at night. You can see Cape Town stretching out in a glistening array of light. It is very stunning indeed.

This large mountain apparanetly got the name as it was used to signal to ships out at sea about coming into Port, and later was then used to fire a cannon at noon so ships could set their navigation clocks. And still today the cannon is fired daily. In years past if the cannon was fired up to 3 times it would signal that a ship was in trouble or had wrecked and people could prepare to look for survivors (and cargo washed up!).

The drive down the hill is a bit scary for those who do not like heights as you are right on the side of a huge drop, but is really worth a trip up there. Do it twice, once in the day and then at night. If you only do it once, do it at night!

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