Cape Town: Kloof Street (Trendy and upcoming!)

Kloof Street Cape Town, originally uploaded by garybembridge.

Cape Town seems to always be evolving and changing. This is especially true when it comes to places to eat and go out to.

It seems that Cape Town is a very social place to live in, and people seem to go out to eat a great deal.

As parts of the city get taken over by the tourist trade, it seems that new areas and places open up for the locals to enjoy. Kloof Street in the Tamboerskloof part of town at the base of Table Mountain is one of these.

This steep street has many beautiful old style buildings, which in their day will have been huge houses over 2 levels with stunning views. Today they have become a series of restuarants and bars with great diversity.

They range from take away pizza joints through Thai and Vietnamese to healthy eating to Italian.

The street is very buzing both during the day when the cafes and healthly eating places are busy with people catching up, and in the evening it is packed with young crowds. There is a real sense of community and is more dominated by locals than tourists who have yet to discover the area.

We spent evenings here as we found the restaurants more efficient and more passionate than many of the better known and tourist trade focused places. The latter not really having to worry about repeat custom. We also found the owners and managers more involved and friendly in the Kloof Street places.

It is a fun and vibrant part of Cape Town and great to stroll about.

Some of the places we really liked were:
– Shelleys, a fairly new cafe open in the day for light lunches and coffees. Great salads and pasta.
– Zucca, a fantastic Italian with great food, decor and larger than life owner.

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