Cape Town Restaurants: Sinn’s Wembley Square, Cape Town

If you like good food and are happy to sit for 2 hours from the time you arrive until you get your main course, then you will like Sinn’s…

This restaurant is situated in the new and very trendy Wembley Sqaure development in Cape Town. The development attracts young professionals and is very stylish and has a great atmosphere.

Sinn’s has a more informal bar where you can get light bar food, and then the Sinn’s Restaurant. The chef/ owner is it seems a name in Cape Town and creates great food. But they need to work out how to do great food and get it out to the hungry clients faster.

We had a friendly and chatty waiter, who as time ticked by had to keep saying how sorry he was.

The starters came 45 minutes after we placed the order. We had a great prawn sprong rolls and calamari salad and a goats cheese on toast thing. They looked mazing and were very tasty. Then we sat for an hour before our main course came. By the time they arrived, after 10pm we had lost all interest in eating. We had a chicken breast in crumbs with mix of salads (which was not that good as a bit dry) and a very tasty beef fillet. it looked and tasted great. But we left most of it begging for the bill!

The Singapore Sling cocktails were great.

It was clear that tables were all waiting forever for food and having to call staff over to check if and when they would get food. Talking afterwards to others who have been there, we found this is fairly common.

This is a pity as the place has great atmosohere, great decor and the food when it comes was good. But they need to work out how to get it all done faster.

Gary Bembridge

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