Cape Town: Bloubergstrand has the most stunning views of Table Mountain and the City Bowl

bloubergstrand cape town
Bloubergstrand Cape Town
bloubergstrand cape town
Bloubergstrand Cape Town

bloubergstrand cape town
Bloubergstrand Cape Town

When you see a picture of Cape Town it is usually one that shows all of the iconic Table Mountain from a distance with a long stretch of deep blue sea lying in front of it. This is a view I had never seen despite going to Cape Town a few times. And so on my recent trip there, I decided it was time to correct this and bag myself a few of those trophy shots of Cape Town for myself.

The place to see the views from is a small town and growing area of developments is called Bloubergstrand.

The town is 25 km and so about 30 minutes drive from the city out past the harbour and round the bay you enter a series of seaside holiday resorts where Bloubergstrand seems to be the main one. It is packed full of new developments and seems to be growing very fast with new developments behind large walls. It is hard to figure out how many are full time homes or if they are holiday lets. But there certainly is a lot of them.

The beach has big rocks and the waves crash over them, and you have amazing views across to the city and over to Robben Island. The views really are worth the trip and a stroll along the beach with the views are impressive. Along one stretch of the beach to the west of the town is an area where there are people kite-gliding.

This seems to be a place that is popular as a relatively inexpensive place to take families and seems focused around this and then water sports.

We spent an hour or so checking out the view and soaking it it. The sea is, of course, really cold and so you don’t see much time in the sea!

Watch the video and the stunning views:

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