New York Palace Hotel (Dorchester Collection): review, photos, video

I was expecting a lot when I heard I was going to be staying at the New York Palace hotel and found out it was part of the Dorchester Collection, which includes the famous hotel on Park Lane in London.

So I guess I was always going to be disappointed. The best I can say is that the hotel overall is fine. Nothing special but not too bad for New York hotels. The hotel is busy and like so many New York hotels the reception staff seem off hand and disinterested, reeling off their patter with little real honesty or believability.

The rooms are large for New York and quiet. The bed is large and very comfortable, and there is a gigantic flat screen TV with large range of channels. A good sized desk and fast internet access.

The overall decor of the rooms, and the hotel for that matter, is beige, bland and unmemorable. The bathroom is a big disappointment as is a cookie cutter New York hotel look. They do have Molton Brown toiletries which is a plus.

Room service is cheerful and efficient, but the food is very average. The location on Madison and 50th is good for Fifth Avenue shops. The fitness centre on the 8th floor is large and well equipped and a plus.

There is a lack of attention to detail overall, so things like the battery in the scales was run down, the toilet needed some manual help to shut off after flushing and the limo I booked was booked for 615pm and not 615am as asked for.

The hotel rides on the brand name of Dorchester, but is not giving the service, attention and the overall experience it should.

It is one of those bland but fine places you end up staying for when away for work. Not bad enough to complain, but not good enough to really look forward to going back to.

Watch a video of my Room 1607:

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