Renaissance Capital Hotel, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

The Renaissance Capital hotel in the Chaoyang District in Beijing is a new hotel in the city, built I assume for the Olympics. It is so new that few drivers and locals know where it is! Even people who live locally. That is partly due to the fact that it is not on the road and is set off behind some other buildings. So if you are going and plan to get a cab, make sure you have some directions! One of my collegues found a taxi driver passed round the entrance 3 times trying to locate the hotel.

The hotel is located in the Central Business District and is not an ideal location for tourists as not that handy for the sites, and is seems that it is very quiet. While I was there the hotel was very quiet, and I did feel there was more staff than there were guests. There is not a lot within walking distance, though there is a large Mall with a huge selection of shops.

Although of course traffic is terrible in Bejing and times may vary, it took about 45 minutes to and from the airport.

The hotel reception is on the 4th floor. The overall look and design of the hotel is modern, bright and all areas have a “wow” factor. This is a very well designed hotel and all public rooms are funky and look great.

The bedrooms are fantastic. They are large and thanks to the glass walled bathroom are very bright and impressive looking. The bathroom is a real plus factor. The bed is huge and very comfortable. There is a massive flat screen TV a good sized working desk and there are all sorts of modern technology features like the ability to connect your PC to the TV.

The fitness room is on the 27th floor. It has great views and is huge and very well equipped. It is a great gym. This is a great hotel. very friendly, great service and very good looking.

Watch a video of Room 1004 on YouTube (click here) or on the blog posting:

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