BA British Airways Club World Business Class Seat Review

This is what the new BA Club seats look like, as taken upstairs on a BA 747 upstairs (the best place to be if flying Club):

This is what the old style seats and cabin looked like:

I was on British Airways this past week flying from Heathrow to Beijing. When flying Club I always try (if on a Beoing 747) to be upstairs. This is by far the best place to be when flying Club as is quieter, more toilets per passenger and seems more civilised. On this plane were the new British Airways Club seats, which seem to now be on all the 747 planes

The pictures show the overall style, and how they differ from the old ones. I really like the new seats. The best features are:

– more comfortable. They are more comfy for both sitting but also very much more for sleeping.

– bigger and wider. This is partly achieved by the arm rests going down to level with the flat bed and so you have more room around the upper body. This makes a big difference. They claim you have 25% more space. The section where your feet rests is also bigger and a better shape, and also I could lie completely flat unlike before where it was about two inches too short (I am 6″ 2′)

– more private. Instead of the silly screens there is now a plastic screen that goes up and you can see nothing through it other than vague shapes, there is also “wings” round your seat back so you are blocked more from view when sleeping.

– They do not give sleeper suits and have more of a blanket thing than duvet, it is very comfortable.
I like them!

Gary Bembridge

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