Podcast Episode 89: Cruise Ship Jobs: Interview with QM2 Hotel Manager and Executive Chef

In episode 89 of the Tips for Travellers Audio podcast, I find out more about cruise ship jobs by interviewing Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 Hotel Manager (Robert Howie) and Executive Chef (Nicholas Oldroyd). I  find out they got to these roles, what a Hotel Manager and Executive Chef are responsible for – and  find out insider information about Cunard and Queen Mary 2.

QM2 Hotel Manager - Robert Howie

QM2 Hotel Manager – Robert Howie

Robert Howie is the Queen Mary 2 Hotel Manager, and has a huge job.

He looks after every aspect of the ship activity other then the navigation and engineering. He has a staff on-board the QM2 of 1,100 who look after the food, housekeeping, revenue generating activities including the shops, casino and spa.





QM2 Executive Chef - Nicolas Oldroyd

QM2 Executive Chef – Nicolas Oldroyd

We were  joined in the interview by Nicholas Oldroyd who is the Executive Chef on the Queen Mary 2.

In the interview you will hear him talk about the logistics of producing over 20,000 meals everyday for both the passengers and the crew – and just how they can serve  1,100 meals an hour at dinner time.







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