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Despite all my cruising experience, which has included going to a number of naming ceremonies, I had never been to a keel laying for new ship. This is a significant step in its life and when the build starts in earnest. So, I was delighted to be invited to the Fincantieri Shipyard in Genoa for the keel laying of Silversea’s Silver Muse in December 2015. This 596 guest ship is due to come into service in April 2017.In this episode, you will hear about the history and significance of the keel laying ceremony followed by insights about Silversea, the ultra-luxury cruise line, based on an interview with their Chief Executive Officer (Mr Enzo Visone).

First you will hear the speech he gave as past of the proceedings where he explains the significance and superstitions of the keel laying ceremony, including the process of attaching coins to it to protect the build, ship, crew and passengers that dates back to Viking times.

After that you will hear him answer questions at the press conference including:
1: Why he believes travellers should try cruising, and chose Silversea specifically.
2: Their approach to size of ships, and why they will never have large ships.
3: The difference between expedition and regular ocean cruising.
4: Cost, complexity and process of building a ship like Silver Muse.


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