Tips For Travellers Big Trip 2016: Around The World!

Big Trip 2 MapBetween 10 January and 4 April 2016, Tips For Travellers will be on a three-month adventure that we see us circumnavigate the globe! It will take me to North America, Hawaii, South America, Australia / New Zealand and Asia (with a focus on Japan). The map above shows the trip.

The following are the key places to be visited, click on the links on destinations for photographs and videos taken along the way:

Cunard Queen Victoria (Southampton to Sydney via the Panama Canal)


  • Sydney
  • Noosa

Cunard Queen Elizabeth (China / South Korea / Japan / Taiwan)

  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Busan (South Korea)
  • Jeju Island (South Korea)
  • Nagasaki
  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • Hiroshima
  • Okinawa
  • Keelung (Taiwan)

Macau / Hong Kong


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