Swissotel Hotel Zurich Room 2116
Swissotel Zurich Room 2116

Swissotel Hotel Zurich Room 2116 (1)
Swissotel Zurich Room 2116

Just one easy train stop from Zurich airport, the Swissotel Zurich has nothing really wrong with it – but also it’s not all right either.

A handy location, right opposite the train station. A modern and well considered, if somewhat IKEA inspired style and look, it is clean (spotless), neat and well thought through overall. But it lacks a certain warmth of character.

It is ideal for business as things like a good placed and sized desk in the room, efficient wireless, lots of handy positioned plugs, large TV with huge range of different language channels including entertainment ones like BBC1, BBC2, ITV2 from the UK, so you don’t only have a diet of 24-hour news channels, the rooms are a decent size with soft comfortable beds and choice of pillows. The bathroom is noting special though and small with a grey finish. There is a ledge that looms over the basin, so you need to carefully avoid thumping your head on it when rinsing your face! The bath is not quite large to relax in either.

Room service is fast and efficient with a fairly good range of options. The staff across the hotel are generally friendly and efficient, but again lack some depth of warmth.

The fitness centre though is rubbish. It is small and cramped with 2 treadmills, a cross trainer and 2 bikes and then a half-hearted set of weights and not real space to have a decent workout. As such a large hotel with 32 floors this was a real disappointment, especially as likely to have a lot of travellers looking for some exercise.

I was there for a conference and the meeting rooms on the first floor have very high ceiling and are bright, and so better than many.

The hotel itself was quite stuffy throughout, and a bit over heated with average air flow, so after a few days of meetings and bedroom we all felt a bit nasal. Although the room windows could be opened, the noise of the trains from the busy station across the road was too much for me to sleep with them open.

The view from the hotel is across the railway station and offices, and not very attractive. It is industrial in outlook!

The hotel is fine if passing through as handy to get to and efficient, but probably more for causal business trade and meetings than one a tourist would want to use.

Overall one of those efficient places you never really remember as it is neither amazing nor disappointing….


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